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Terms And Conditions

  We try to keep our terms as simple as possible

  1. Unless you are an account customer all invoices must be paid on the day, a daly charge is added to all unpaid invoices

  2. For insurance purposes there must be someone on the premises at all times

  3. where a cracked element is found your technician will bring this to your attention and explain your options

  4. we are fully responsible for any damage caused by our technician, however on some high gloss pan stands the gloss finish can be dulled of if we have to scrub to hard to remove carbon deposits, on some older ovens the oven seals can snap when removed, if your oven is over 10 years old most of the parts will be obsolete and impossible to get.

  5. All ovens must be in full working order, if the oven is awaiting repair you will be asked to sign an optout for that fault.

  6. All arrival and cleaning times quoted are approximate but we will try to arrive on time.

  7. If you have purchased one of our subscription you are entitled to cancel within the first 28 days and receive a full refund

  8. If you have purchased a subscription and you wish to cancel after the first 28 days we reserve the right to charge a cancelation fee of £25

  9. In some cases it will be difficult to park close enough to your property to use our boiler, we will try our best to park as close as we can to your property, but in some cases we might have to cancel your call

  10. In winter time it might not be possible to get to you due to snow or flooding in some rural areas, your technician will phone you if it would be dangerous to drive to your location or roads are impassable.

  11. A number of payment options are available including card payment on the day, cash, or bank transfer.

  12. You agree to pay Parking tickets received when our technician is parked outside your property .

  13. Bark Customers must be aware that we have been charged by Bark for your contact details and this is reflected in the cost.

  14. An extra charge is added to all calls inside the London congestion charge area, this is reflected in the cost.

  15. Special offers not available to bark customers 

  16. In some extreme cases we might need to cancel your call at short notice.

  17. When we test your oven at the end of your clean we will make sure that it heats up ok and that the fan is running at the right speed, once we have left your property we are not liable for a failing element or bulbs 

  18. Customers are libel for our parking charges, please make sure that there is adequate parking for  your technicians vehicle on the day, you will be charged if we get a parking ticket.

  19. If you are not happy with your oven clean or its not to a professional standard please contact us first and we will work with you to sort our the problem, please don't leave any feedback untill you have spoken to us first.

  20. you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions when booking your service

  21. If for some reason you are not able to pay on the day for any of our cleaning services you will be allocated an account, this will give you 7 days to pay for your cleaning service, if you are a company you must pay on time, we charge interest and account management fees on unpaid invoices, visits to companies registered office by our debt management staff are charged at £300 per visit

  22. We are not allowed to Carrie our any repairs on any electric oven with a Gas hob.

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